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Things to consider

Dog hotels/spas are more expensive than kennels
Second pet discounts may be provided
Larger animals may be more expensive
Special needs/extra procedures are offered but cost more

In the United States and Canada, there are approximately 9,000 boarding kennels offering their services to more than 30,000,000 pet owners annually. Although the vast majority of boarded pets are dogs and cats, many kennels also offer boarding for horses, birds, reptiles and exotic pets.

Facilities offered range from "hotels" or "resorts" that can be quite luxurious, and typically offer rooms for your pet, to kennels which typically offer smaller pens with wire sides.

When looking for boarding for your pet, start early to have the most choice, particularly during the holiday season. You should always organize an on-site visit before deciding on a location. Check for good sanitation, good safety procedures and sturdy, well-maintained fencing, gates and dividers between runs. The kennel areas should be free of sharp objects or ones that can be swallowed and harmful chemicals. If your dog tends to escape, notify the facility in advance. Ask how often your pet will be checked, how often they will be let out of the kennel or played with and how often they will be walked. Also see if your kennel offers grooming and training. Some of these procedures may cost extra.

Your pet should have all required vaccinations before they can enter the facility. Pet insurance may be appropriate. Ask for discounts for extended stays (longer than 10 days). Animals with special needs may not be accepted - look into veterinary care if this applies. Special medical attention or special dietary needs will probably cost more.


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